Please join us this Thursday, October 3rd, 6-9PM for our final Whitefish Gallery Nights of the 2019 season!! Lavonne Burgard Imagines features a variety of colorful & serene acrylic paintings by Kalispell artist, Lavonne Burgard. Fine art, refreshments & live music with Atomic Frequencies. For more information, call 406-863-ARTS or log onto!

Lavonne Burgard retired from 31 years of teaching art. She graduated from Drake University with a double major in fine arts and arts education. Lavonne’s career spanned Iowa, Arizona, South Dakota, Australia, and School District 5 of Kalispell, Montana. Currently she paints in her studio using acrylics on large canvasses.

“Although I have left my career of teaching art behind, I have gained a new perspective that I hope is reflected in my work. Retirement has opened my eyes to the expansiveness of life, and the limitless possibilities it holds. No longer bogged down by the details associated with my former responsibilities, my outlook is larger. My sense of freedom is expanded. A bright future is here for the taking. It is my aim to capture that attitude with my use of bold color. Printmaking was an emphasis of my studies at my alma mater, Drake University. Lately, I have focused on developing entire paintings with a brayer. (A brayer is a hand roller used in printmaking techniques to spread ink in the process of offsetting an image from a plate to paper.) My goal is to give the viewer a feeling of fresh air. It is my hope that the color layering of the brayer works reflect the enthusiasm I have for making art.” -Lavonne Burgard

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