Our Zesty Domain w/ Holden Roberts

painting 1 still shot screen shotIMG_0698

Please join us Thursday, September 6th, 6-9PM for “Our Zesty Domain”, featuring multimedia works by Whitefish emerging artist, Holden Roberts.  Capturing scenes throughout the region with video & deconstructing each experience in painting.  Fine art, refreshments & live music with some local boys!  For more information, call 406-863-ARTS or log onto http://www.thewalkingmanframeshop.com.

“The human presence has shifted into an alienated existence.  We identify with technologies that pull us away from our natural environments.  Our urban landscapes are created to fit a manufactured system to which human society has developed into.  Our domain is unnatural.  In this series I use color to outline or highlight our connection to the objects and landscapes that we, as humans, interact with. I use yellow as the symbol of energy and the symbol of our overall interference.  We have become an abstract idea amongst our own surroundings. The videos I have created depict real objects, beings and landscapes, but are arranged to show society in an abstract nature.  Each video corresponds with a painting that captures a sliver of time.  Breaking moving colors into simple static shapes is my effort to provoke the viewer to look deeper into our zesty domain.”  Holden Roberts