Carly Elaine – Group B Galleries

Group B Galleries is now featuring works by local artist, Carly Elaine. The opening reception begins on August 2nd from 6-9 with wild life portraits and live painting on site.

Carly has been creating art work for most of her life, and graduated from The University of Kentucky with a Fine Arts Degree in sculpture and ceramics, in 2011. Currently, she creates custom portraits for art patrons. When she is not creating in her studio, Carly is busy working as a trainer at The Wave. She spends her spare time studying, and working toward the goal of becoming an occupational therapist. She shares the love for the great outdoors with her community, and enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and paddle boarding.
Carly Elaine has lived in many places around the United States and studied painting in Italy. “Each place has influenced my style and grown my artistic repertoire.” She has taught painting and ceramics in Kentucky, Colorado, and Montana. She feels the most creative when surrounded by nature, and feels more at home in Whitefish than in any other place!
Visit Group B Galleries during the Whitefish Gallery Nights on August 2nd, from 6-9. The show will also exhibit works from local photographers. Group B Galleries is also open from 1-9 Monday through Sunday.

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