Kevin Porto – Photography – Group B Galleries

Kevin Porto is a fine art landscape and stage photographer who resides in Manhattan, Montana. Growing up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, his parents managed to instill a deep appreciation for the outdoors in him at early age. As a boy, his family would drive across the country on summer vacations, stopping at the National Parks to camp along the way. At the age of 24, Kevin left Chicago and moved to Big Sky to see what mountain life was like. After the ski season ended he moved back to Chicago but there was always something about Montana that wouldn’t let him go.

In the summer of 2010, Kevin moved back to Montana to attend the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana. After graduating from RMSP and taking a few trips up to Glacier National Park, he decided to make Montana his home…for good. The Flathead Valley would be the ideal spot to focus on photographing Glacier NP year-round.

As an artist, Kevin treats his camera as a tool, like a paint brush or a sculptor’s chisel. He is more interested in creating an emotion within the landscape than a clear documentation of it. His images can be seen in Downbeat and Spin Magazines. His work has been featured in Eye in The Sky Gallery, Elk Camp Art Gallery, Local Color Studio, Food For Thought, J. Thomas Salon, and Flathead Lake Brewery & Pubhouse. Currently, he has a collection of large canvas prints displayed at Group B Galleries in Whitefish, Montana.

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