Join The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery this Thursday, June 7th, 6-9PM for our next Whitefish Gallery Nights event featuring post-hillbilly artist, Fred Warf, local outsider artist, Caleb Stolte and local assemblage artist, ME.  Art From The Way Outside is a mixture of work that’s recycled & raw, re-purposed & painted, collected & assembled by some locals that believe there’s much more to art than being “pretty”!!   Refreshments, music & some far-out art!!  For more information call 406-863-ARTS or log onto!  Cheers & Happy Summer!!!

“Art can be:
Everywhere, a challenge, inspiring, mysterious, simple, square, hip, futuristic, passé, unnecessary, requisite, variable, steady, natural, alien, waste of time, inescapable, competitive, collaborative, joy, sadness, out of touch, out of reach, outside, inside, expressed, expressive, laughable, created, found, godly, devilish, purchased, stolen, destroyed, created, worldly, otherworldly, despair, joy, sadness, complicated, sport, hobby, vocation, avocation, human, humane, machine, inspired, inspiring, secret, shared, disappointing, immediate, upsetting, political, controversial, numerical, landscape, portrait, abstract, realistic, hot, cold, love, hate, indifference, edible, trash-able, official, wordy, geometric, bookish, taught, ignored, adulated, erudite, complicated, misunderstood, groped, grokked, disappointing, manhandled, woman inspired, natural, childish, elderly, small, large, grand, mundane, everywhere, dance-able, spoken, story, song, beauty, god, child, given, taken, free, costly, real, surreal, hyper-real, more real than reality, whatever you want it, personal, public, sexual, asexual, outrageous, color, form, absence, presence, light, dark, morning, noon, night, nighty, night, rain, rainbow, sun, shadow, breathe, undefinable…… FUN!  And more than this!”  Fred Warf

“I’m an earthbound misfit…I collect and I assemble…grounded by rocks & rust, shells & flotsam, wood & clay.  What does it all mean?  Who’s to say……..”  ME

We’d love to hear what you think so leave us a comment.

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