Stumptown Art Studio is featuring a group exhibition of pottery, paintings and prints for the September 7 Whitefish Gallery Night.  This representation of diversely different mediums is an inspiring demonstration of artistic interpretation and execution of materials.  Pottery, Paintings, Prints will be on display through October 1, 2017.

The clay co-operative has been in existence at the art studio for many years.  It has a fluctuating membership of clay artists, usually from 6-15.  Members have access to the facility with it’s tools, equipment and the advantage of a work space.  Finished clay pieces are first bisque fired then glazed and fired again on a regular basis.  Some of the longtime members have developed their skills and creativity over the years.  Others drop in for a few months just to get their hands on clay and produce pottery.  On exhibit is a great cross section of artwork by some of the clay co-op members.

Following a theme of colors, shape and textures, guest artist Joan G. Black transforms found objects into fine monotypes, fabric into fine indigo patterns and paper clay into functional vessels.  Her upbringing included a full house that also was filled with creating, making, doing, teaching, sharing…guided by “Busy hands are happy hands”. Joan explores and experiments with different art processes, inspired by stories in her head that she needs to share.

Dennis Johnson is a returning guest artist, exhibiting canvases of all sizes that speak his language of the places they represent, of landscapes and places along back roads and back alleys, both rural and urban.  He considers his subjects visually and historically, merging these perspectives using acrylics, printmaking techniques and digital, blending the past, present and imagined.  Dennis, with his extensive background in printmaking (beginning with an MFA in printmaking) has taught several workshops, along with his fellow artists and wife Joan Black, at Stumptown Art Studio.

Since 1995, Stumptown Art Studio has been the non-profit community art center of Whitefish, Montana.  With programs that include, classes and workshops, exhibits, outreach to underserved individuals and communities, a clay co-op, public art events and much more, the center is open to the public 7 days a week for coming in to paint pottery, try glass fusing or make mosaics.  People of all ages and art abilities are invited to make and learn about art, Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sundays from noon-5. For more details please call 406.862.5929 or visit http://www.stumptownartstudio.org




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