Whitefish Pottery/Stillwater Gallery presents Dotbow by Emily Free Wilson


Whitefish Pottery and Stillwater Gallery are proud to present “Dotbow” by Emily Free Wilson. Emily is one of the masterminds behind Free Ceramics, a line of production pottery based in Helena, MT and featured at the Whitefish Pottery retail store. Emily’s playful, whimsical designs are inspired by Christmas lights, raindrops, river rocks, and fireworks; with this body of work she has had a lot of fun with rainbows! Each of Emily’s pots has a personality of its own and are sure to make you smile! Opening reception will be Thursday, September 7th in conjunction with Whitefish Gallery Night; show will run through the month of September. It will be a colorful show!

We’d love to hear what you think so leave us a comment.

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