Paula Rindal – Eco Prints – The Purple Pomegranate

The Purple Pomegranate, a fine craft specialty store, is featuring work by Kalispell artist, Paula Rindal during the month of July. Most of her latest work invites the viewer to look at leaves and nature in a new way. Her eco printed work extracts the natural pigments of a leaf and creates layers of texture and depth.

Eco printing is a contemporary technique derived from traditional, natural plant based dyeing. In Eco printing, plants and leaves are enclosed within textiles and then wrapped tightly around sticks or pipes using twine. When printing on paper, the leaves are stacked “sandwich” style between papers and then bound together. Bundles are then steamed or immersed in water for several hours. This process extracts the natural pigments of the leaf creating a beautiful image on either fabric or paper.

Join us for the opening reception during Whitefish Gallery Night, Thursday, July 6, 2017 from 6-9 PM. Paula’s work will be displayed during the opening and throughout the month of July.

We’d love to hear what you think so leave us a comment.

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