Tara Wilson and Jack Dykstra at Whitefish Pottery/Stillwater Gallery


Whitefish Pottery and Stillwater Gallery presents our featured artists for the month of June: Tara Wilson, ceramic artist from Montana City, MT and Jack Dykstra, watercolor artist from Whitefish, MT.

Tara has given workshops and lecture across the United States and her work has been shown internationally. Her woodfire work represents the natural world in their surface design, while their forms are reminiscent of figures and bodies. Tara’s pots capture the calm serenity of a natural environment, meant to evoke the peaceful contemplation and reflection one can find in nature. Her gestural forms are a pleasure to admire and to use in everyday life.

Jack has been affiliated with a number of notable artist and painter groups such as the Montana Painter’s Alliance and Montana Watercolor Society, as well as teaching classes, participating in juried venues, and exhibiting in galleries and museums all over the west and Montana. Jack’s subjects range from industrial/railroad scenes, to florals, to abstract paintings, to landscapes; all influenced by a sound foundation in the dynamics of color and light. His use of plein air (or on-site) painting, sketches, studies, and reference photos truly captures the feeling of a scene, giving each painting its own mood and story.

Join us for an opening reception at Whitefish Pottery/Stillwater Gallery in conjunction with Whitefish Gallery Nights on Thursday, June 1st 6-9:00pm. The show will run through the month of June.

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