Kristie Nerby at The Purple Pomegranate

The Purple Pomegranate, a fine craft specialty store, is featuring work by St. Ignatius jewelry artist, Kristie Nerby during the month of May. Kristie has been self-taught and self-employed for many years, while raising 2 children and a husband. In the process of creating and recreating herself as an artist and business woman in the mediums of silk painting, cake decorating, catering and picture framing, she really found her niche working in the glass medium.

As an apprentice to glass artist Barbara DeVeer for over 15 years, Kristie feels that the real time, hands on work and collaboration have helped her become the artist she is today. Glass feeds Kristie on many levels, from the play of vibrant color and light, to the challenge of creating designs that are at once classic wearable art pieces and fun handcrafted earrings that excite the eye and lift the spirit. Glass has an ethereal quality that soothes her mind as she gets a dose of vibrant color therapy each day. Kristie states, “I love the amount of energy that intense attention to detail in my work demands, while being soothed by the very objects I create.”

Meet Kristie during Whitefish Gallery Nights, Thursday, May 4, 2017 from 6-9 PM. Kristie’s work will be displayed during the opening and throughout the month of May.

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