Deb Stika at The Purple Pomegranate

The Purple Pomegranate, a fine craft specialty store, is featuring mosaic work by Whitefish artist, Deb Stika during the month of June. Deb has been creating mosaics for many years and uses small pieces of glass, pottery, stone, tile, or found objects to make a pattern or picture. Deb also teaches mosaics and her objective as a teacher is to show her students how each piece, however big or small, what color, or shape, plays a fundamental part in the creation of the image. Deb will be presenting new work including a collection of mosaic women that is more than ten feet in length.

Lady Mosaic by Deb Stika

Deb was the artistic director for the Windows on Whitefish Mosaic Mural Project which was completed in 2015. The project was part of a fund-raising effort for Stumptown Art Studios and with the efforts of hundreds of volunteers in the community, four mosaic windows were created. Deb designed the windows representing the four seasons of Whitefish which are now permanently installed on the south side of the Latitude 48 building. Deb says Building a good community is a lot like mosaicing. Shoulder to  shoulder, side-by–side, people contribute different visions, ideas, and diversity. The completed Windows on Whitefish mosaic mural project shows how this concept works and is on display downtown as a proud example of community members working together!”

Lady Mosaic by Deb Stika

Meet Deb during Whitefish Gallery Night, Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 from 6-9 PM. Deb’s work will be displayed during the opening and throughout the month of June.


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