New Sketches in The Whitefish Fashion Collection by Nanci Williams at The Purple Pomegranate

The Purple Pomegranate, a fine craft specialty store, is featuring the exhibit The Whitefish Fashion Collection in May, with new fashion sketches by Nanci Williams. The Whitefish Fashion Collection is a compilation of drawings of colorful characters made by Nanci Williams as well as interpretations of those drawings by some of the area’s noted artists. The cover features a detail of one of the drawings on a snowy photo of Central Avenue in the background. As you turn the pages you will see that we had a lot of fun putting the book together. There are clever, whimsical, humorous, and inspired works by the artists who collaborated with us for the book. Their work includes painting, mosaic, stitching, collage, sculpture, silver, ceramic, and more – Montana style. Now, there are new sketches that were not included in the book that will be on display during Gallery Nights.

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As a lifelong designer and artist, Nanci Williams finds the visitors to Whitefish and their outfits look like animated, life-size canvases walking around the sidewalks and shops as one-woman – or man — shows. It is this diversity and uniqueness that inspires her to continue drawing some of the people who have come into The Purple Pomegranate on Central Avenue where she works. Her first drawing was about 6 or 7 years ago of a young girl who came into the store wearing an intriguing visual salad of textures, patterns, colors and styles. Her attire stood out so boldly that Nanci had to remember her in a sketch. Once she drew her, Nanci began noticing other interestingly garbed subjects walking around. They were action figure models that challenged her figure drawing skills as they moved through the retail space “studio”. Whether it was a hairstyle, a combination of patterns or colors, an accessory flair, or some eccentric departure from whatever is generally thought of as normal, Nanci continues making sketches of the different looks that she sees.

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Meet Nanci during Whitefish Gallery Night, Thursday, May 5th, 2016 from 6-9 PM. The Whitefish Fashion Collection book and Nanci’s new sketches will be displayed during the opening and throughout the month of May. The book is also available on Amazon.

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