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Pink Taxonomy by Olivia Stark
Pink Taxonomy by Olivia Stark; 24×24

In the fall of 2015, Olivia Stark set out to answer the question posed by non-objective artist and master teacher Steven Aimone: What can art do when it’s not describing appearances or telling stories?

While attending one of Steven’s workshops in Maine, the answer manifested as kind advice, and in practice, a tool for furthering her artmaking: Create space for your ideas, lines, and shapes and invite them onto your canvas. Then accept them as the language of your art—a language that can transport you beyond your expectations of what you think your art should be.

Inspired and invigorated upon her return to Montana, Olivia set out to create a collection of work focused on building interesting spaces and dominating shapes. An energetic and colorful artistic language emerged with a tempo that is vivacious and active.

Pink Taxonomy,” for example, with its bright colors and active configuration, explores shapes and symbols created through her subconscious. “Field” (below), with its vigorous lines and shapes, conveys an architectural or landscape feel.

About Olivia Stark and Stark Gallery

Filed by Olivia Stark, Non-objective Art
Field by Olivia Stark; 12×12

Working with acrylic and mixed media and through Automatic Drawing, Olivia Stark paints primarily in Abstract Expressionism, relying on shapes and energy as a means of expressing the subconscious.

Creating from the immediate, her impulsive, dynamic marks create an alchemy, a story about this very moment, a memory, or what is possible.

Stark Gallery LogoStark Gallery is open during Gallery Nights from 6pm to 9 pm  and by appointment. Contact Olivia at 406.249.2279. The gallery is located on 3rd Street above Bookworks and among therapeutic practices such as massage, acupuncture, and counseling.

Olivia is a native Montanan and has shown her work at her gallery for three years. She brings and energetic and vivacious quality to contemporary abstract art.

Olivia’s artwork is also being shown at Walking Man Gallery.

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