Spring Whimsy…introducing new sculptor, Mark Matthews


Please join us Thursday, May 5th, 6-9PM for our first 2016 Gallery Nights event.  We will be introducing a new sculptor, Mark Matthews, from Arlee.  Come enjoy the whimsical, spiritual & eclectic visions of his indoor & outdoor sculptures.

“Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we think we fail. Sometimes we give ourselves a second chance.  Throughout the 1980s, I attempted to cultivate a distinct style in my art—specifically, one that would sell. Although at first interesting and inspiring, my work gradually grew stagnant. Already frustrated with the marketing side of art by the end of the decade, my lack of vision made it easy for me to set my tools aside.  Two decades later I started sculpting again. Today I am not interested in developing a signature style.  Tomorrow, when I pick out new pieces of wood to sculpt or construct, I will try to look at them through fresh eyes. Or, I will imagine a new way to express motion and emotion through them.  Nowadays, if I feel I might be developing a ‘style’ then I know it is time to move in a new direction.  Observe, analyze and experiment without fear, for, the negativity of not creating is the only true failure.”  Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews lives a humble existence in the foothills of Arlee where he writes books, teaches children American folk dancing through Humanities Montana, and tends to his sculpture garden.


We will also be featuring some new work by Kelly West, Justin Anthony & Kevin Ruble.  Fine art, light refreshments & quite possibly some live music!!  For more information call 406-863-2787 or go to http://www.whitefishgallerynights.org!

We’d love to hear what you think so leave us a comment.

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