Mary Conway – Art of Re-Cylce: Tracking Time at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

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Please join us for our final Whitefish Gallery Nights exhibit of the season!!  Mary Conway will be presenting Art of Re-Cycle: Tracking Time, featuring an array of conceptual pieces exploring our relationship to time, utilizing a wide variety of found & recycled items.  Live music with Lee Zimmerman & refreshments served.

Mary Conway has forged her current fine art career from decades of working in the professional art world by selling, promoting, educating and making art.

With a long and flourishing career of over twenty years as a Corporate Art Consultant in Denver, Mary used her skills as a facilitator to bridge the gap between the art world and the business community.  She has helped artists launch and establish their careers through her representation and consultation.

Mary’s degree in art history from the University of Colorado and her work at the Denver Art Museum in adult education bring a depth to her understanding of how fundamental art is for the development and enrichment of the human experience.  She continues to facilitate art education programs with workshops both in Arizona and Montana.

Today, Mary continues to be a consultant for Seattle based Illuminata Art Glass Design, as well as a set designer for the Whitefish Theater Company in Whitefish, Montana.

“How do we track TIME? By millennia or minutes, by eras or hours? Do we use the linear approach of northern Europe and North America that is based on productivity or the the cyclical systems of Asia and Native Cultures that believes that life will circle around again. TIME unfolds at different tempos.  However, no matter what method is used, man has always depended on the sun we revolve around, the twelve cycles of the moon and the stars.  I have chosen to represent these concepts by using objects found at garage sales, thrift shops, by the roadside or just about anywhere . Re-cycling them honors their past and presents a contemporary reflection on the external and internal journey we all travel through our TIME on earth.”                      Mary Conway

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