Nancy Cawdrey – Silk Painting – Dick Idol Gallery

On Thursday September 3rd, the Dick Idol Signature Gallery will be featuring signature works by NANCY CAWDREY. The gallery will be showcasing some of Nancy’s newest paintings! If you don’t know about Nancy Cawdrey, she began her painting career 35 years ago. Through her pursuit for texture & passion for color, Nancy discovered the spontaneity and brilliance she could create through painting of silk, a Chinese technique that has been practiced for thousands of years, but now this age-old medium come alive with dramatic color and vibrancy in the most creative way.  So come meet the amazingly talented Nancy Cawdrey! From 6-9 pm we will have live music from David Walburn, complimentary drinks, & hors d’oeuvres!

“Geography of Wonder”    By Nancy Cawdrey Dye on Silk – 40” X 42”
“Geography of Wonder”
By Nancy Cawdrey
Dye on Silk – 40” X 42”

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