Chill presents the Pottery of Corey Cain

ceramic bowl

We invite you to join us at Chill Thursday, October 2, as we present the Pottery of Corey Cain.

ceramic bowl
Ceramic Bowl by Corey Cain

“I really enjoy working with clay: I find it relaxing and therapeutic in all parts of the process.

It is very rewarding to see a chunk of clay transformed by your own hands into something useful and pleasing to the eye.

My main interest has mostly been in wheel throwing pottery. I have been consistently pursuing improvement of wheel throwing for nine years now. My progression has been slow, but the journey is a lot fun!

I am inspired by other artists, usually those around me. One of my favorite artists is MC Escher. I am also interested in fractals and love nature and getting out into the wilderness.

My pieces are spontaneous; I usually don’t have a set idea when I start out.

Art has enriched my life. There are so many ways to express yourself. The possibilities are endless.”

– Corey Cain

Pottery pictures  - Sept. 2014 005

ceramic dish
Pottery by Corey Cain
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