Dick Idol Gallery: Featuring DARCIE PEET- One Woman Show

Darcie Peet has made the Colorado Rocky Mountains and Tucson Arizona’s Sonora Desert her home for over twenty years. Since joining the gallery, she has added the majestic mountains and lakes of Glacier Park to her repertoire. We are proud to feature Darcie Peet for a one woman show on September 4th from 6-9pm for the Art Walk here at the Dick Idol Signature Gallery. In Darcie’s own words….”So much of the exhilaration in painting is the initial quest, the journey in finding those “wild places”. Hiking, cycling, canoeing, riding and kayaking, I seek a vital sense of place and glimpse into the powerful personality of these back country spaces. I hope that a painting can spark deep personal memories for the viewer of a particular setting they too, may have visited”. Darcie has been honored with numerous awards, and acquired for many permanent collections, as well as being featured in many national publications. Please join us for the September Art Walk event to take advantage of this opportunity to meet Darcie and see her newest works.

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