Vicki Fish at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery!!

chickadee for apps Please join us Thursday, July 3rd, 6-9PM for Whitefish Gallery Nights!!  We will be featuring Bozeman artist, Vicki Fish and her “whimsical mixed media constructions”!  Fine art & refreshments!  For more information call 406-863-ARTS or go to!! Vicki is known for her sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical mixed media constructions that tell stories, reflect on the human condition, and relay the ironies of life’s situations.  Her work is influenced by myths, the animal world, humor, personal journeys, & human nature. “My art is a combination of a wide variety of materials and techniques.  In true hunter-gatherer fashion, I use any material I can find to tell the story.  This includes re-purposed materials like old boxes and tins, game pieces, scraps of paper and the occasional chop-stick wrapper.  In addition to objects that I find, I make pieces by carving, sculpting or lost wax casting and create image from linoleum-cuts, collage, transfers, drawing and wax.” Vicki Fish

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