Donald Jones Photography Featured in May at McGough & Co

McGough & Company is featuring photography by Donald Jones in May, with an opening reception May 1 from 6-9 pm. Donald M. Jones is one of the most prolific wildlife photographers in the nation. His amazing images have graced the covers of nearly 700 magazines.

Photo by Donald Jones
Black Bear by Donald Jones


Don is a Montana based wildlife photographer specializing in all forms of North American nature, from the Arctic to the deserts, swamps to the mountains and all locations in between. Don’s images are created from his overwhelming passion for being outdoors with camera in tow. What began as a young boy with binoculars swaying from his neck and a bird book wedged in his back pocket in suburban Chicago, has now transformed into a living dream.

All of Don’s photographs are of animals in the wild. Don prides himself on photographing only wild and free animals. Don does not photograph captive animals that are confined to zoos or game farms. His work is authentic and his message is “Keep the Wild in Wildlife.” Don resides in the small northwest Montana town of Troy. His wife and soul mate, Tess, has been a true inspiration for Don. Tess is a remarkable lady and is a constant source of strength for Don during his many long treks into the wilderness.
Please stop by on Gallery Nights and throughout the month of May at McGough and Company to see Don’s photographs.

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