Stephanie Barrett-Pointer & Mimi Werner: Flowers, Birds & Buddha

 “I lose myself in time spent at the easel.  Sometimes I am thinking/meditating spiritually and I don’t even know it.  The intricacies of flowers are a mystical wonder.  Most of the flowers I paint are from my garden.  Their beauty is so fleeting, I wait patiently or impatiently all year for the lilacs and peonies.  Anxiously I poke around under the dead leaves of last year looking for the first signs of spring snowdrops, muscari, crocus, mini jonquils.  It’s heaven to gather a big enough bundle to take to the house.  Within the settings of the paintings are placed personal objects: a blue platter my mom brought me from Portugal, a shell from Zihuatenejo, Mexico, grandmother’s burgandy crystal goblet, a glowing candle, a fleeting butterfly, a jar of Tiger Balm.  Flowers don’t last long and luckily I can us the tools of camera and sketches for reference,

The Flora paintings began during a “Lucky Thirteen” group mail art project.  One of the subjects for the group was Botanicals.  That was so enjoyable I decided to make more and expand them into the encaustic realm.  They are lovely, lyrical little pieces and I play to do more.”

Stephanie Barrett-Pointer

Join us for a colorful exhibit of acrylics & encaustics by Stephanie Barrett-Pointer and ceramics by Mimi Werner.  Thursday, August 2nd, 6-9PM during Whitefish Gallery Nights.  Fine art, live music by cellist, Lee Zimmerman and light refreshments.  For more information, call 406-863-ARTS.


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