Peter Moore-Documented Presence at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

Please join us Thursday, July 5th, 6-9PM for an exhibit of “Documented Presence” by Polebridge artist and U.S. Presidential candidate, Peter Moore.  Fine art, live music by Suzanne Warmanen and Jay DiPaola, “political discourse” and light refreshments.  For more information please call 406-863-ARTS.  And find us on Facebook!!

“The genesis of this show is in the fact that the majority of my neighbors in the North Fork do not have phones.  What we’ve always done is hang a notepad & pencil next to our doors, so when someone stops by they can leave a message.  Like…”I stoppt by-where are you?”  Six years ago I added a new dimension by mounting a throw-a-way 35mm camera above my notepad with a sign that asks…”Please document your presence.”  Over the years I have gathered hundreds of ‘self-portrait’ photos on or near my front porch.  These are a small selection of those documents.  The dates in the titles are the year the photo was taken.  All paintings done in 2011-12.  Hope you enjoy!  Portrait commissions encouraged!!”
Peter Moore

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