Rink Davis-A Celebration of Life at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

Please join us Thursday, July 7th, 6-9PM for an exhibit with Montana Sculptor, Rink Davis. “A Celebration of Life” will be featuring ceramics & bronzes from 1960s-present work. Come meet the artist, enjoy fine art, refreshments & music!!

Rink Davis was raised in Portland, Oregon. At the age of 13 he moved to a ranch on the Montana/Wyoming state line. The self-taught artist was sculpting by the age of 20. At the urging of a college art professor, he kept at it. He began to enter juried shows, capturing Best of Sculpture and Best of Show awards. He turned pro in hes early 30’s and shortly thereafter was offered the opportunity to study at the American Academy of Rome. But with a wife and three children, he decided against it. The rewards still cam. Concentrating on what surrounded him, the environment and Indian culture, he continued to sculpt. He was included in the first “Crafts of America” show at the Baltimore Museum of Arts. His works are now in corporate and private collections. Presently , his work can be seen at 103 Rolling Green Place, Missoula, Montana or The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery in Whitefish, Montana.

“Some critics have described art as the highest level of expression of an age. My inspiration comes through my belief in the reverence for life given to us by our creator, finding its fullest expression in love for one another and its fulfillment in the family. The thread of love that weaves itself through these relationships is what I try to capture. My intuitive nature is captured in the medium that I work in, whether it be clay, wood, welded steel or bronze. I have gone from a figurative expression to total abstraction and then back to the figurative using the chosen medium to dictate the symbols or shapes and their relationship to each other to make unusual creations. In 55 years of sculpting, I have chosen to communication my vision of life with all its changing complexities and subtleties as a celebration of where I live and learn.”

Rink Davis

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