Raffia and Seeds from Madagascar

Organic Raffia from Madagascar
All Ethos raffia is 100% organic and is harvested, processed and crocheted into original Paris Ethos accessories according to Fair Trade practices. Our raffia initiative in Madagascar is our oldest partnership, established in 2002 with a cooperative of local women artisans. Ethos also helped train the local marginalized women to fabricate original accessories such as hats, bags and necklaces that are exclusive to the Ethos line. Today our Fair Trade partner is thriving in Madagascar and pays its artisans 50% higher than the local rate for their work.

Natural Sustainable Resource
The raffia palm (Raphia farinifera or R. ruffia) grows to 60ft and is a sustainable organic resource that grows in abundance in Madagascar. The enormous leaves of the palm are composed of 80 to 100 leaflets, which are peeled from either side of the palm fronds then hung out in the sun. Once dry, they are collected and sorted into different classifications, pressed and dyed. The finished raffia is not only soft, pliable and strong but is also non-shrinking. This natural fibre also offers excellent colourability.

Featured tonight at Ethos Paris – 525 Railway Suite 101 – Across from Depot Park!

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