Going To The Sun Gallery Presents: Rochelle Lombardi Bronze Artist and Jeweler And Bronze Artist Jack Muir!

Going To The Sun Gallery Presents Jack Muir and Rochelle Lombardi for Gallery nights in June! Come celebrate the Bronze art of Jack Muir and The Bronze art and Jewelry of Rochelle Lombardi.

Montana artist and gallery co-owner Rochelle Lombardi comes to her art with the passion of her love for wildlife as well as domesticated animals who share her life space. She has been featured in Western Art Magazine as well as our own Montana Woman magazine and has art featured on the cover of Rural Montana Magazine. Rochelle is a bronze artist and an accomplished Jeweler. Come and view her new selection of Spectacular Colored Diamonds, Blue and Yellow, set in Rings and earings in 14k White gold. Along with an array of Sterling Silver Creations, and many beautiful bronze sculptures.

Jack Muir Was born and raised in Great Falls, Mt. His interest in art began at an early age with a visit to the C.M. Russell Museum. After receiving a degree in Fine Art from the Montana State University, Jack wet on to cofound Kalispell Art Casting in 1978. Kalispel Art Casting is currently one of the largest art casting foundries in the west, employing over 45 people. Jacks sculptures can be found in many private collections and are available in fine art galleries across the country.

Now semi retired, Jack spends his time getween Montana, wher he sculpts and Mexico, where he and his wife Sydney Anne sail on their 40′ sailboat, “Tambourine”

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