Station 8 Presents David Spangler

” I’ve been producing my art since my college days in the late ’60’s and graduate school in the early ’70’s. My work years include 22 years teaching art full-time not to mention years of other career diversions.

My style and choice of materials is always changing even in a given week. My favorite mediums are watercolor and acrylic painting or drawings using colored pencil or ink. My inspiration comes mainly from nature or natural objects. Often the visual image is solved in my mind during awakened moments in the middle of the night.

Currently, I manage the “Performing Arts Center” for the Whitefish School District. If you have questions or would like to visit my studio, please give me a call at 862-3528.

Dave Spangler

Station 8 invites you to join us this Thursday, September 2 from 6 – 9 PM to meet the artist and enjoy viewing his work. David is a most versatile artist in both subject and medium. The best way to describe his work is that he is able to find the “soul” of his subject. Color, light, line and elements of size and spatial relation are utilized to communicate so much more than the most realistically accurate renditions ever could!

He will be showing works in various mediums including watercolor, pen and ink, colored pencil, and acrylic. Most recently, David has been creating three-dimensional pieces using wood. He will be showing an example of this medium as well. David also enjoys doing commissioned pieces, including greeting card design and logo design.

We’ll look forward to seeing you this Thursday. Refreshments will be served.

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