Victor Daniel at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

Please join us for an exhibit of Helena artist, Victor Daniel. “Artistic Visions” will include a variety of works on paper, photography & oils. Victor is a man of many talents-artist, musician & teacher!!

“Art is all about making connections. When we learn, our synaptic nerves make connections in our brains that never existed before. Likewise, art can connect two or more completely different ideas, thoughts or emotions and create something new. This new creation can be beautiful, terrifying, breathtaking, haunting, humorous, confusing, enlightening and hopefully memorable.
When I create, my goal is to bridge a connection from the artist to the viewer; to give the viewer a glimpse into my window of the world. I use a variety of mediums in my quest towards connectivity. Sometimes I will stick to one medium, but many times I need to combine paint with ink and pencil to fulfill my artistic vision. Regardless of the medium, when I create I tie together different themes, shapes, emotions or colors. The resulting tapestry weaves disparate elements together revealing a new truth.
Although the mediums and subjects of my art vary, the whole of my work remains stylistically similar and all of my work strives to make connections. My paintings incorporate elements of figurative, landscape, abstract, surreal and expressionistic styles. I weave together styles in order to forge new connections. In my photography, I try to hold a mirror to nature. By duplicating and flipping images, inanimate objects become something far more magical. They take on animal characteristics that appear both familiar and alien.
Regardless of medium or subject, I am always grasping for new connections. I am fascinated by the process of creation in both the natural and the artistic worlds and I want my art to bridge a connection between myself and the audience.” Victor Daniel

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Join us Thursday, June 3rd, 6-9PM for fine art & refreshments!

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