Flowers, Faces and Family Friends

Whitefish Goldsmiths is featuring Flowers, Faces and Friends by artist Jane Kleinschmidt. Jane’s latest art project is the Northwest Montana Humane Society calender for 2010. Jane drew from many pets residing at the Humane Society. Camera for reference photos in hand, Jane spent time in the rooms where the pets lived. One day in the cat room, she had several loving cats giving all their attention to her. She would have loved to take them all home they were so sweet. Jane’s cat Jose is a lifelong companion adopted from the Humane Society. Jane rendered the pets in pastel on sanded paper, a wonderful medium for capturing the expressions of the animals. Pastel and oil paintings of people, wildlife and flowers inspired by summer high country hikes are hanging for this evening of art wine and tasty appetizers. If you are not able to attend September 3rd’s Gallery Night, Jane’s artwork will be on display throughout the month.

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